Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kyoto Cabinet/Kyoto Tycoon for Python and Mac Snow Leapord

Just playing around with Kyoto Cabinet/Tycoon, the successor to Tokyo Cabinet/Tokyo Tyrant, with apparently better support for concurrency.

Getting it up and running was a breeze in Python/Mac Snow Leapord. I just followed these steps:

Following this tutorial from Kelvin Wong, the steps are the same for Kyoto Cabinet/Kyoto Tyrant as they are for their counterparts in Tokyo.
  1. Get MacPorts
  2. Open a terminal window and enter the following:
  3. Start the Kyoto Cabinet server, by entering the following:
  4. For now, leave the server running. Download and unzip KAMEDAkyosuke's Python implementation of Tycoon.
  5. Save the "" file in a folder called "PyTycoon".
  6. Open a new terminal window, and cd to "/path/to/PyTycoon/..". Run the following code:
If you look at the server instance, you should see a response like the following, indicating that the key was successfully retrieved from the database.

Wallah! Python is now talking to Kyoto Tycoon.

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